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Still Sounds Wellington Band Hire

Still Sounds provides a professional booking facility of live music for Events, Parties and Festivals. We target to provide you, the organiser, with the best band, within your budget, suitable for your event. Happy clients. Repeat customers.

We have over 25 years in event management and conference co-ordination. During this period we developed a number of associations with bands and their members. In 2018 we were approached by some of these to act as their manager and booking agent as they were disenchanted with their current arrangements. All the members of Still Sounds DO NOT perform in any bands.

Over the years we have managed a number of Weddings, Conferences, Musical Events and Rallies.

Still Sounds was then established in 2019 to provide –

Organisers and promoters of Parties, Events and festivals with access to a range of professional bands to enhance your experience.

In addition we provide Bands an opportunity to access professional booking, promotion and management services without any conflicts of interest.

It is often difficult for someone wishing to hire a band for their event to be able to source a range of options from one central source and to obtain advice on the type of music and how to meet their needs.

Still Sounds focus is on providing the best service to the bands and the members of the public that hire them.

Live music to events and occasions is our specialty.

Wellington Band Hire

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For any event, for any occasion, let us find the band for you!

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